Customer service and patients’ attendance in your practice. Tips and tricks


Today, more and more small businesses are trying to improve customer service. However, while working towards quantity,  most businesses tend to forget about the quality of it. It’s all about the Human-factor.
Customer service has an impact on a lot of fields as well as the medicine. The fact that medical care is a necessity for people makes it easy to forget that medical care is also a service and patients are customers.

You don’t need to be a therapist to know that appointments will not only improve the results of clients’ health but, in the future perspective, can turn into the positive reviews and financial benefits of your organization. Good customer service is a good half of a real successful business. You may want to consider this when trying to improve the state of your service.

The so-called pain of every organization or company is the percent of people who didn’t show on the appointment because they have simply forgotten about it.  And the pain has its name – No-Show Rate (NShR).

Since we are dealing with people’s health, the NShR can cause some serious issues for you and your practice. During the rehabilitation process what is important is not only to start the process but to be persistent in keeping up with the schedule of the process.  church-attendance
When a person forgets about the appointment it’s no worry for him – there may be an opportunity to catch up on later. But only a professional can understand the harm of the skipped session.

The first one and the most obvious is patient’s health. Rehabilitation is a constant work, and therefore, there is no such thing as a chance to make up for skipping. Later it can come up in an unpleasant situation when the patient can blame the therapist for either slow progress or no progress at all. And that is the second hurt of NShR.

Bad impressions of the client about your rehabilitation can cause the damage to your practice. It can be financial side or the low patient movement due to the bad reviews of the unsatisfied customer.   

There are a variety of tools addtext_com_mdcymduzmtawnzc4that can help you to decrease the No-Show Rate in your practice. Some consider to be old-fashioned, and others may seem modern enough to use. But are they any good?

It’s important to point out the efficiency of different kits, which are used for lowering the NShR:

1. Less phone calls to make and receive. Text message reminders save thousands of labor hours, in addition, it can save you some time and guarantee that the reminders get made.
2. Regular visits are going to improve the state of the patient’s health. Which bring much more positive feedbacks about your practice, that can be associated with financial gain and a better flow of patients. So, the impact of NShR is minimized.
3. Better working dynamic caused by the fixed schedule. Notified appointment gives a higher chance of patients to come, which helps you to build your working day without counting the possibility of someone presence.



An ace in the hole for an A-score attendance. 

GetReminds is a customized service that will make your receptionist happy and a presence of your clients excellent. The GetReminds can be seen as the useful cure from patients’ no-showing.

1. How does it work? GetReminds is a web app which uses customized text messages for notification about an upcoming appointment. You need to set a date and a time of the visit and the app will send it to your patients day before it.
Simplicity. You don’t need to graduate from MIT to use it. It has the simple interface and is understandable in using.
3. It does some job offline too. You don’t need to have the internet to set an appointment in the app. GetReminds uses the Internet only to SEND the notification.
4. It has a personal factor. The patient may not realize the impact that no-shows have to a practice and on himself. The patient may think that no one will realize if they do not show up, that they simply will not be missed. A personal notification via text can show that doctor is waiting and the patient is needed.
5. Texts are our friends. A few studies have shown that texts have the 95 % open rate. So, you may not worry about an unseen message with info about next visit.


We all know that everything new can be scary, but once you get the hang of it, you won’t be able to call it any different than the holy grail of the appointments notification.  


Want to make sure? Want to try it yourself? Try GetReminds For Free or Request A Demo.