About GetReminds

In today's mobile and busy world people want to communicate on their terms, not your own. GetReminds is helping businesses to embrace text-based communication and reduce numbers of phone calls. Let's face it - people hate to receive phone calls from someone that they don't even know.

With GetReminds it's easy to adapt your business to modern cunsumer behaviour. Here is a list of benefits:

  • Automation. Don't spend your employees time on reminders calls. GetReminds will automate your communication processes to the benefit of your organization and your clients.
  • Productivity. The less time you spend on the phone the more time you have for other useful things.
  • Customer Service. Your clients will be able to text to your company the same way as they text their friends and family. Give them a unique experience and they will reward you!
  • Control. All conversations with clients are stored in the cloud. Read conversations, see response time, evaluate the quality of your customer service.

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GetReminds is owned by US Informatics LLC, a software consulting company. Our customers include General Electric, the US House of Representatives, Domino's Pizza, and other great companies.